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I bring extensive experience working on communication skills through various institutes/workshops, in leadership programs, with organizations and in teaching/learning settings . Programs are hands-on, with active participation and considerable individual feedback. Our focus is on finding your unique voice, with brevity, clarity and impact.

I’m available for:

Interactive Workshops

Communicating with Impact: Improve your ability to think quickly, speak fluidly, and write clearly under pressure. Develop brevity, clarity and focus in your spoken and written communications. Gain confidence in using your unique voice and style with greater proficiency.

To improve speaking skills, we work on drawing from personal experiences and expertise in responding quickly and clearly to questions, without preamble or ramble. You’ll develop pacing, organization, voice modulation, volume, body language, audience engagement and eye contact, useful in small committee meetings through formal public speaking.

For writing, we focus on clear thinking, succinctness, simplicity and bringing key messages front and center, using intensive group feedback, editing and revisions. You’ll practice writing for newspapers/magazines, internal memos, strategic plans, press releases and/or web sites.

Personalizing the Impersonal: Writing and speaking can be dry when focused primarily on narrow issues, but at their best probe the deeply personal and the profoundly incomprehensible questions: who are we, why are we here, what boundaries define and limit our human activities, where do our responsibilities lie? This session will explore how to bring personal opinion and deeper reflections into your communication, engaging your audiences through story and personal anecdote linked.


Science Communication: Effective scientific communication is challenging at any level, whether it’s between colleagues, with stakeholders who might benefit from your research or to public audiences. The challenge is to clearly communicate with impact why you do what you do and why it’s important, without the crutches of confusing jargon or technical detail that quickly lose your audience.

We’ll work on drawing from your personal experiences and expertise, focusing on clear thinking, brevity, simplicity and clear messaging. You’ll create short talks/written pieces based on the messages you want to communicate, learning to engage your audiences through story and personal anecdote without losing content. The sessions will be highly participatory, using feedback and revision to develop more powerful messages and increased capacity to speak and write with power. The outcome: your science communication will become more compelling and effective.

Workshops also can be designed for your personal or organization’s needs.

 Examples/Awards (Communicating with Impact)

  • Hollyhock Educational Retreat Centre: Facilitated workshop Communicating with Impact, Cortes Island B.C. (2011), and Vancouver (2012, 2013)
  • Canadian Science Writers Association: Conducted writing workshop Personalizing the Impersonal, Calgary Alberta, and Guelph, Ontario
  • Action Canada: Leading with Questions and Communicating with Impact workshops, over five years at many locations, 2005-2010
  • BC Government Employees Union: Facilitated workshop Leading with Questions, Whistler BC
  • Banff Centre for the Arts: Founding faculty member, and taught for five years in the Science Communication program, a two-week intensive summer institute
  • UBC Genomics: Communicating Science with Impact, 2013
  • Eve Savory Award for Science Communication, Science Council of B.C. 2001
  • Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion, NSERC 2004

Testimonials (Communicating with Impact)

Mark did a great job involving everyone in the group discussions

Personable, intelligent and perceptive, wise and calm demeanor

 A unique and valuable mentor and session leader, extremely insightful

Power of his message delivered with great experience insight, respect for participants, loved his sessions

He was really amazing, kept you focused and always engaged

 Connected, aware, gentle, intelligent

I truly loved the course and got a lot of valuable information from it

 Mark was great, very hands-on and adaptable program

Mark Winston is a very profound communicator

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