“Dialogue in Bee Time”

I’m very excited about a new book coming out in the fall of 2014, tentatively titled “Dialogue in Bee Time: Lessons Learned from the Bees” (a title which is quite likely to change before publication). It’s being published by Harvard University Press, and ranges from the spiritual to the practical, environmental concerns to urban planning, art to science. It’s a legacy piece for me, and has been the most joyful way I could imagine to reconnect with bees, domesticated and wild. The press has had the book reviewed, highly favourably I’m pleased to note, and I’m currently working on some suggested revisions. It’s a long way until publication, but do stay tuned. As a teaser, here are the first couple of lines from the prologue.

Prologue: Into the Apiary

 Walking into an apiary is intellectually challenging and emotionally rich, sensual and riveting.

Time slows down. Focus increases, awareness heightens, all senses captivated.


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